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School Improvement Team

NCSTAR Committee

Purpose: NCStar is a web-based tool that guides a district or school team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. NCStar builds accountability as well as helps schools track their improvement plans. NCStar is premised on the firm belief that district and school improvement is best accomplished when directed by the people, working in teams, closest to the students. https://www.dpi.nc.gov/educators/home-base/school-improvement-planning-and-ncstar

NCSTAR Chairperson: Haley Shortt, Science Instructor

NCSTAR Process Manager: Samantha Murchison, Math Instructor

Kevin Hudson, Principal

Sarah Horne, Assistant Principal

Caroline Hanes, School Counselor

Brooke Forrest, College Liaison

Emily Byers, Science Instructor

Janet Cain, CDC

Christy Cook, English Instructor

Walter Harrell, History Instructor

Heather Jones, English Instructor/PBL Coach

Elizabeth Kinney, History Instructor

Rebecca Kaserman, English Instructor

Karen Siddons, Treasurer/Data Manager

Tina White, CTE Instructor

Matthew Stewart, Math Instructor

Alisha Ramsey, CTE Instructor

Cody Bowman, PE/Health Instructor

Kimmie Duncan, EC Teacher

, Parent Representative