Rules and Expectations
Course Expectations/Procedures

1. Absences/Missed Work
Students are responsible for inquiring about and completing any missed assignments that result from a lack of attendance. Upon returning from an absence, students should check the make-up work board set up at the front of the classroom beside our daily objectives. After determining what assignments are missing, students should set up a date/time with the teacher within FIVE school days to make up the work, and record their make-up work time and date on the bulletin board calendar. Students who fail to make up their work in the allotted five-day period will receive a '0' for any missed work that is not completed in the proper time frame. Students are not allowed to make up missing work during class time, and must schedule a time to complete missing work either before school, during lunch, or after school.

Because this is a yearlong course, students are allowed sixteen (16) absences. Students exceeding 16 absences in the class will result in the student NOT receiving credit for the course. Make-up sessions for absences will no longer be offered by Davidson County high schools.. Students are still eligible to apply for attendance waivers; waivers are granted when the criteria outlined in the Board policy are met.

Homework/Reading Checks
Homework and reading checks will be administered periodically to ensure comprehension and completion of assignments. These checks will be unannounced and occur regularly, so students should make sure that all homework assignments are completed in a timely fashion. Students who do not complete and turn in homework assignments by the assigned due dates have the option to submit their work one day late for a maximum score of 70% on the assignment. 3. Tardies

If a student arrives to school after 8:15 a.m., he/she will report to the main office and receive a tardy note. When students are tardy to first period before 8:15 or any class after first period, tardies will be recorded in PowerSchool. Consequences for tardies are as follows:

First Tardy: Free

Second: Warning

Third: 1 lunch detention

Four or more: 2 lunch detentions 4. Participation Every student is expected to productively participate in group work, class assignments, and class discussions. Sleeping in class and any cell phone use inside the classroom will not be tolerated. Students are to respect their classmates and teacher by raising their hands before speaking during discussion time, unless instructed otherwise. It is also imperative that students be open to the ideas of others. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
Classroom Rules 1. Be prepared. 2. Be respectful. 3. No cellphones. 4. No food/drinks without permission.