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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
--George Santayana, U.S.philosopher/poet

Welcome to our journey into the history of our beloved United States! I am excited to begin this exploration with you this year. I want all students to enjoy class, build their academic and soft skills and develop a deeper understanding and love of our country and how much it means to be citizen of the United States of America. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or ideas to make this year great!

History is alive. Current issues confronting our world are consequences of decisions and actions of the past. There are so many interesting people to learn about. History is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and ordinary things.
To effectively deal with the issues and problems of today we must understand the events that led us to this point. Being a global citizen and guiding future events without knowing the past is a scary proposition.

Fall Semester: American History I
Spring Semester: American History II

American History I & II Course Descriptions

These one semester courses introduce students to fundamental themes and trends in American History. American History I covers the time period from the eve of the founding of the European settlements in North America through the Civil War era. It will be followed by American History II in the spring semester which will cover the time period of Reconstruction through modern day.  American History I & II  attend to issues of unity and diversity in American society, as well as the American nation’s role in the wider world. The courses emphasize comparisons between different regions, interactions between peoples of different cultures, and the impact of new political, economic, and social institutions on the lives of everyday people. Readings will be drawn from primary documents, and modern day passages. Student will complete current event analysis assignments weekly. Course assignments aim at developing students’ ability to think and write critically and historically, and developing presentation and communication skills.


Laptop, USB flash drive, notebook, pencil, pen, highlighter, fine tip markers, glue stick, scissors and Internet Privileges


This course will meet face to face daily for 1st, 2nd and 3rd period depending on your section assignment.  Students will be expected to independently complete online components and review daily.  Daily attendance is essential for this course.  We will learn about important new concepts daily and I will provide essential feedback for the online component.  As is with any course, each day builds upon the next.  In case of absence it will be the student’s responsibility to manage and meet deadlines set forth by the instructor, using the many resources available.  

Major (Tests and Projects)= 60%

Minor (Quizzes/Daily Assignments/Participation/Notes)= 40%

***This course has an NC Final exam that will count for 20% of semester grade.  The other 80% will come from the average of the 2 Nine Weeks.  

Students will be graded on a 10 point scale as follows:





Below 60    F

1ST PERIOD 8:15-9:55 American History I
2ND PERIOD 9:55-11:40 American History I
Lunch  11:40-12:05
3RD PERIOD 12:05-1:55 American History I
SEMINAR 2:00-2:30


Please do your best to be present everyday. I will miss you if you are not! With that said, please do not come to school if you are truly sick. Everyone gets sick on occasion. Per Davidson County Schools' School Board policy, students enrolled in semester long courses are permitted to miss no more than 8 classes for the semester. Students who miss more than 8 classes in a semester will not receive credit for the course. Students are still eligible to apply for attendance waivers. Waivers are granted when the criteria outlined in the School Board policy are met.


Each student will receive 4 late work passes for the semester. Any work that is submitted after the due date must be submitted with a late work pass in order to receive a grade. If a student uses all or loses the late work passes, no additional passes will be given.


Students are required to take a North Carolina Final Exam for American History I & II. The exams will count for 20% of a student’s final grade in each of the courses. The exam for American History I will be administered during Valley Academy’s fall exam window of December 12-21, 2016.


To be successful in American History I, students need to do 3 things:

1.Be present.

2.Be prepared.

3.Be engaged.

These expectations hold true for both face-to-face and online working times. Failure to complete online assignments will prevent students from being prepared for in class discussions and assignments. Students who do not actively engage in coursework, both inside and outside of class, may be subject to disciplinary action.


Remediation, resubmission of work, and tutoring are always options in American History I and II. If a student is struggling to understand material or complete assignments, s/he need to contact Mrs. Kinney at ekinney@davidson.k12.nc.us immediately to set up time to receive extra support.



All students are expected to conduct themselves according to generally accepted standards of scholarship and conduct.  Students are prohibited from engaging in any conduct that materially and adversely affects the educational process.  Refer to school policies for examples of behavior that are not tolerated. Students are expected to maintain academic integrity at all times throughout the course. Students who make unethical choices (including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and copyright infringement) are subject to disciplinary action.

Course Content;

Course content and assignments are located on our American History Google Classroom page.


Breakfast is served beginning at 7:45am.


Lunch must be eaten in the cafeteria. Students may get permission to go to the restroom or when finished with their lunch, to go to the commons to work using their laptop. Laptops should not be out in the cafeteria.