Science Teacher Wins Mini-Grant
Science Teacher Wins Mini-Grant
Posted on 10/10/2016

We are proud to announce that Valley Academy science teacher Patrick McDade was awarded a $300 mini-grant from the Davidson County Education Foundation for his Earth Science class' hydroponics systems projects. 

DCEF Teacher Mini-Grants are designed to give teachers and students extra learning opportunities by providing extra materials or experiences related to the academic curriculum. Mini-Grant criteria require projects to be closely aligned with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study.

Mini-Grants are awarded to teachers who propose innovative and educational projects with realistic goals, direct benefit to students and a reasonable budget.

McDade's students plan to engineer hydroponic growing systems in order to help with global water shortages and nutrient rich food shortages in our country and in developing countries.  Students research plant cells and growth, design prototypes of their hydroponics system model, then build the real thing in the classroom - no two are the same. Valley Academy also desires to build an environmentally-friendly greenhouse to house the growing systems.