Health & Wellness/PE

Kendra Israel
Kendra Israel-Wellness Instructional Coach
336-242-5820 Ext: 1720

Course Description

The intent of the North Carolina Healthful Living Standard Course of Study is to establish competency goals and objectives for the teaching and learning of behaviors that contribute to a healthful lifestyle and improved quality of life for all students.

The NC Healthful Living Standard Course of Study is a combination of two content areas: health education and physical education. The two courses complement each other as reflected in the Essential Standard Strands and Clarifying Objectives. Attention will be given to ensure students experience a comprehensive sequential educational program that involves learning a variety of skills and concepts that are health-enhancing.

A minimum of 1 credit of Healthful Living, which reflects both Health Education and Physical Education, is required for graduation from a North Carolina public high school.

Required Materials:  

Active sportswear, tennis/athletic shoes(rubber-soled required), Laptop, USB flash drive, Notebook, and Internet Privileges


This course will meet face to face daily.  Students will be expected to independently complete online components and review daily.  Daily attendance and PARTICIPATION is essential for this course.  The instructor will introduce important new concepts daily as well as provide essential feedback for the online component.  As is with any course, each day builds upon the next.  In case of absence it will be the student’s responsibility to manage and meet deadlines set forth by the instructor, using the many resources available.  

Major (Tests and Projects)= 60%

Minor (Quizzes/Daily Assignments/Participation/Notes)= 40%

***This course does have a health and wellness Post Assessment that will count for 20% of semester grade.  The other 80% will come from the average of the 2 Nine Weeks.  

Academic Integrity Policy:

All students are expected to conduct themselves according to generally accepted standards of scholarship and conduct.  Students are prohibited from engaging in any conduct that materially and adversely affect the educational process.  Refer to school policies for examples of behavior that are not tolerated.