Online Student Application



Read the entire application to determine eligibility and requirements. The target students population for the 2017-2018 school year is approximately 65 rising freshmen (current 8th graders) and 15 rising sophomores (current 9th graders).


Thank you for considering the Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy for your high school program. Before completing the application, we request that you give careful consideration to the information below to determine if Valley Academy is the most suitable educational experience for you.   


The student population of Valley Academy will reflect and value the diversity of its participating districts.  Some of the criteria considered in determining student eligibility are as follows:

1. Interest in project-based learning (PBL) activities focused on health science, global logistics, advanced manufacturing, computer programming, or entrepreneurial careers.

2. Identified as a potential first generation college student.  "First generation" is defined as "a student whose custodial parent(s) have not earned a four-year college degree. However, all students may apply for consideration.

3. Have been or may be at risk of not performing to their potential or are part of a traditionally underserved population with regards to higher education.

4. Evidence of proficiency in reading, writing, and/or math by grades and/or standardized test scores.

5. Evidence of positive history of regular school attendance. Frequent absences negatively affect a student's ability to participate in field experience opportunities, college courses, and our project-based learning model.

6. Demonstration of ability to make mature, responsible, independent, and productive choices in order to succeed in college preparatory classes.

7. Will benefit from an accelerated academic program.

8. Resident of Davidson County (including Thomasville and Lexington City school districts).





Independent transportation arrangements are not required.  Students can be bussed from their home districts.  However, there are a few days spread throughout the academic year when Valley Academy is closed but Davidson County Community College is open. Students enrolled in DCCC courses are required to arrange their own transportation plans on these days to attend class (this does not include the freshman seminar course). Please refer to this year's academic calendar for more information.

Please be aware that our instructional year begins early, ends early, and consists of a 8:15 am - 2:30 pm instructional day.  Due to a shorter instructional day, prospective students must be committed to independent study and work online in a blended learning environment for a minimum of one (1) hour outside of the instructional day, every day.  To ensure student success, access to wireless internet and a quiet work space outside of Valley Academy is essential.

Core values of the Academy include:

*STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
*21st Century Work Skills
*Critical Thinking
*Problem Solving

The Academy curriculum is designed to increase the rigor and relevance of STEM-related core academic content through integration with industry-relevant technical applications and technologies. A variety of career-relevant curricula, job shadowing, career orientation and mentorships supported by business and community partners are part of the Valley Academy learning culture.

Students will be expected to choose one of four career pathways before their junior year and will have the opportunity to take advanced courses within those pathways as upperclassmen. Career pathways were selected based on the industrial and economic needs of our region.

Career Pathways:

 - Health Sciences
 - Advanced Manufacturing
 - Global Logistics
 - Computer Programming

Students graduating from the Academy may be eligible to receive:

At least 15 Hours of Post Secondary Credit
Industry-related work exposure and experience
•Advanced digital literacy capabilities
21st Century work skills 
STEM knowledge
Global literacy
Entrepreneurship education

Upon graduation from the Academy, the student will have several career path options, each one designed to offer flexibility and future options to continue their education.  Students may also choose to remain enrolled as a high school student for a fifth (Super Senior) year to continue the pursuit of an Associate of Applied Science degree in their career field at our partner community college, Davidson County Community College. Another option would be to apply these earned hours toward a four year degree at a traditional four year university (subject to articulation agreements between DCCC and potential four year university).  The curriculum will be carefully designed to offer a rigorous core curriculum for all students that will prepare them for both college and career success.